How to use ‘Off the Shelf’ Solutions to Save Your Clients Time and Money

by on March 30, 2011

Since starting Digital Nation back in 1997, we’ve always looked for ways to deliver cost effective solutions for clients. While VFM (Value for Money) is a bit of buzzword at the moment, it something that we’ve aimed for.

As far as we’ve been concerned, whatever the budget a client has, our job is to spend this as effectively as possible and get them as the maximum number of sales, enquiries or whatever the goals are.

We’ve long been a believer in the 90% rule. Once you’ve ascertained a clients requirements, is there a package or online service that will do this for them, reliably and a lower cost than developing it from scratch.

This is at odds with some other agencies, who seem to believe that the only way is to build something completely from scratch as nothing else that anyone else produced could come close.

Back in the late 1990′s we found that companies such as InteractiveTools produced excellent Perl based database systems for a 1/10 of the cost that other companies would charge.

After trying various companies Content Management systems which always promised more than they actually delivered, we’ve embraced the open source movement and now concentrate on developing on the WordPress Platform.

Recently, we were asked to look into building a risk checker for the Circulation Foundation, a UK based charity who fund research into vascular disease. This would ask you questions about your medical condition and then tell you what level of risk you were.

After contacting several developers we realised that SurveyGizmo, the tool we use to run all our surveys with had a poll facility.

After a couple of hours of experimentation, it became clear that we could configure it to provide us with 95% of what we needed.

The end result was that we could provide them with a tool that we could embed into their website at a far cheaper price than developing it from scratch, which is especially important for a charity.

View the Vascular Disease risk checker here

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