Are You Making It Easy Or Difficult For People To Sign Up?

by on February 1, 2011

If you think about it, the form on your website is one of the most critical items as you need people to complete it to either get in touch with you or purchase it.

That said, the form is often the abounded child on the website, unloved and with very little attention to it, as it was the very last thing that was added to the web site before it l

Christian Holst from Baymard Institute has produced a great  list of 9 ways to simply signup. At first glance, they all look fairly obvious, but take a closer look and wonder how many of them apply to your web site

The nine are:

  1. Use my e-mail address as account identifier
  2. Allow me to use the password I always use
  3. Ask for additional information after I’ve created my account
  4. Tell me if the username is already taken
  5. Do I really have to type “fkr93pd”?
  6. Sign me in automatically
  7. Make my welcome e-mail easy to find
  8. Show me the sign-up form on your home page
  9. Give me a good reason to create an account

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