Why Isn’t The Times Newspaper Spreading The Word Via Facebook

by on February 8, 2012

Last week the Times Newspaper launched their Cities Fit For Cycling campaign in both their paper and digital version.

The campaign has an eight point manifesto around making cities safer for cyclists and asks people to pledge their support by siginng their online petition, writing to their MP or twittering about it.

Times Twitter

But what about Facebook?


What about Facebook?
Considering that far more members of the UK population use Facebook rather than Twitter, it seems strange that there is no recommend button on this page that would allow people to

  • Tell people that they have pledged support
  • Provide a reason why they should support
  • Provide a direct link back to the original page.

By only using Twitter, you relying on the person who is tweeting to link back to the original campaign page. Compare this to Facebook below where this is all done for you in one easy swoop.

Cycle Safety posted to Facebook

The linking is done for you

I can only assume that there is a ‘political’ reason for this reason, as I can’t see any usability or user experience one.

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