Why It’s A Good Idea To Let People To Share

by on March 22, 2011

The UK supermarket Waitrose is regarded by it’s customers as being a step apart from other supermarkets. They’ve attracted some big names in the food world such as Delia Smith and Heston Blumenthal to endorse their products and write recipes.

Their website contains over 6,000 recipes which no doubt will attract a lot of free organic search traffic

The one thing that the site doesn’t do is let you share the recipes quickly and easily.

While there is a the  ‘Email A recipe’ to a friend option there is no quick way to share it via Facebook.

For example the other week I cooked ‘Heston’s Pea and pancetta spaghetti‘ which so tasty, I wanted to share it on Facebook.

After hunting around for a Facebook icon and failing to find one, I ended up copying and pasting the link into Facebook

Now compare the post I ended up with


to the one that you get from Tesco’s which has a Facebook option


Recipes are one of those things that keen cooks want to share and with Facebook being the most popular social network, it seems strange that Waitrose doesn’t want it’s recipes reaching a wider audience. Having checked the Sainsbury’s site, they appear to have also adopted the same attitude

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