The New Google ‘Freshness’ Update

by on November 7, 2011

Google loves to keep the SEO community on it’s feet by every so often changing the way it indexes and ranks websites.

It’s never been a secret that Google looks at how old the content is on a site when considering how to rank it.

The Official Google Blog lists examples of the types of content that the new update will affect.

While you don’t need to update every page on your site, it may be a good idea to have another look at how you can introduce fresh content onto your site on a regular basis.

Search Engine Watch has a good roundup on on this it’s Google Gets Fresh with Algorithm Update Affecting 35% of Searches article

One of our clients who went from 1 blog post every 3 months, to 2 a month, has seen traffic increase by 400%.

The increased content has certainly help the long tail traffic and we’re pretty sure the freshness has helped as well

If you’d like to find out how we did this and how we can help you do the same for you site, please contact us

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