Homebase SEO: How not to redirect old pages

by on April 11, 2014

Following on from yesterdays post about how Homebase appears to have forgotten about SEO in their new site launch, I decided to take a look at how they handled redirecting pages on the old site to the new site.

For quite a few products, the page has stayed the same so this isn’t an issues. Where the page no longer exists, you should use a 301 server redirect which tells the search engines that the page has permanently moved and is the solution that Google advises when moving sites

Using the site:www.homebase.co.uk we can see all the pages currently in the Google index such as this one.

Clicking on to a link takes you to this page which appears to have the correct product and they have used a 301 redirect

But on closer inspection, there is something a little strange in that the breadcrumb doesn’t appear to match the actual product

However it does appear that the redirect has taken you to the correct product.

A quick search on the site using the products id number 238413, shows the there is an identical product at


which does have the correct header.

What’s the consequence of this
The site is now presenting two version of the products to the world which means that Google will need to choose which is the the correct one.

Update: 10:34am
It appears that the title, meta description have been added to the site. There are now also canonical tags on the pages which should point to the correct versions

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