How Reading Festival doesn’t appear for its own brand name

by on March 21, 2011

SEOForums has a fascinating story about how Reading Festival has managed to disappear completely from Google just as tickets go online.

You’d kind of hope that nearly 17 years after Altavista appeared on the scene, agencies and techies would have grasped just how important search engines are and would spend just a little time in understanding the basics of how the search engines crawl your site.

Last December, we took on a fairly large UK company as a new customer who had a fairly challenging issue.

For the last ten years, they’d been Number 1 for their own distinct brand name and then all of a sudden they were dropped to Page 3.

After around an hours examination, it was pretty clear what the problem was

  • The site had 5 different home pages
  • Different menus took you to different home pages
  • The home page that they presented to Google had no links to from any other page and therefore looked like a nasty spammy doorway page

The result was that Google dropped the home page from the index which meant they simply didn’t appear for their brand.

Luckily the problem was resolved in time for the Christmas rush, however worryingly, their technical agency said “How were we expected to know that would cause a problem”

If you haven’t chatted to your agency about their SEO skills, perhaps now is the best time

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