A Case Study In How Not To Do Search Engine Optimisation

by on June 27, 2011

Last week a friend told me they were off to the Big Sky Festival in Lincolnshire, so I thought I find why there were making the trek all the way from South Wales to Lincolnshire.

The problem was that I couldn’t find it as their web developers had made some fundamental SEO errors on the site thus hiding from Google

Here’s what they did / didn’t do

1) Block the site from Google using Robots.txt
No doubt someone forgot to take this down, but the current robots.txt is seems to be telling Google not to list any page on the site

User-agent: *

While it appears to be correct (it’s the same format we use) it appears to be causing a problem. By removing the robots.txt, this may well resolve the issue

2) Make the .com site primary instead of .co.uk
The site is promoting a UK festival so why take advantage of the fact that Google will prioritise it if you’ve used a .co.uk. It wouldn’t hurt to register the site with Google Webmaster Central and tell them that you are UK based

3) Call it the BigSky Fest in your <title> tags
You may be calling it that internally, but most people will proably be search looking for the Big Sky Festival

Bigsky Fest | A Celebration of The Arts &amp; Creative Talent in North Lincolnshire

What they had done well was writing some good title and description tags for some of the pages.

And before you ask – yes, we have contacted them and let them know what we found

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