7 Questions to Ask Link Building Companies

by on April 18, 2011

Link building is one of the toughest gigs in SEO as you can put a lot of effort in for no immediate reward in traffic

That hasn’t stopped a lot of cowboy firms moving into the market, so we’ve put together a couple of questions you can ask any prospective agency.

1) What Have You Done For Other People
You’ll want to see some pretty solid examples where they can demonstrate an increase in non brand traffic over a period of time. Anybody can get you an increase in traffic for your own brand – it’s the non brand traffic that’s a lot harder.

What you’re looking for is data from a reliable source such as Google Analytics that shows decent growth.

2) Can You Talk To Some Of Their Clients
Rather than rely on some highly edited testimonials, can talk to their clients directly

3) What Sort Of Links Are They Going To Get For You
Any decent SEO company will have no problems explaining the type of links they get for you and where they hope to get them from.
If the company can’t or won’t tell you, you can safely assume that they they’ll be going for the spammier end of the markets.

4) Why Should Someone Link To Your Website
An agency should be able to help you define the reasons why someone should link to you. A really good agency would even be able to suggest some additional content that would help you attract additional links

5) What Does Success Look Like?
How is the agency planning to report it’s success to you? Simply reporting the number of links doesn’t really tell you much as they could have acquired you 1000 spammy links .If that’s all they plan to do, you need to be a little suspicious

What you’d want to see is some month on month reports on the number of visits from people using non brand keywords to come to the site.

6) Are They Managing Your Expectations
Link building is hard work and takes times to kick in. Like search engine positions, nothing is guaranteed, so avoid anyone who guarantees a certain number of links and quickly

7) Did they mention Link Reclamation?
Link Reclamation is a method of reclaiming incoming links to ‘old’ pages on your site that may have been missed in site upgrades.

It can often by the quickest and most effective way of getting links into your site as they already exist, but have disabled
If your prospective agency doesn’t mention it, or you get blank faces when they do, it’s probably best to look elsewhere

Find out how we’d do
At Digital Nation, we’d like to think we can answer all of these 7 questions, so why not contact us and find out

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