JPEGMini review: How good is at compressing photos?

by on September 15, 2011

Any website that displays images, especially photos is always trying to resolve the tricky issue of making sure the images look good enough, yet still download fast enough.

The introduction of lightboxes has made this even more pertinent.

JPEGMini makes some interesting claims about how muchthey can reduce the filesize of an image without effecting the image quality, so we put it to the test

The image below is of Swansea bay was originally 3.2mb and 3000 pixels wide.

We reduced it to 900 pixels wide (in Picasa) so that it would comfortably display in a lightbox on most peoples browsers. The photo was then saved it with no JPEG compression.

Sun Rising Over Swansea Bay

Original Image - 151K - Click to enlarge

The 155K image as then uploaded to JPEGMini which reduced it to 71K, a 54% reduction in size

Sun Rising Over Swansea Bay

JPEGMini optimised 71K - Click to Enlarge

As you can see there is virtually no difference in the images. The difference in brightness on the thumbnails is down to WordPress creating the thumbnails rather than us

On the whole, we’re pretty impressed with JPEGmini so far and are looking into how it could be used to optimise hundreds or thousands of images.

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