How To See The Google Analytics Bounce Rate in Adwords

by on October 10, 2012

Google Analytics engagement data is now available to view within Adwords

Say you want to see at a glance if your bounce rate is improving monthly, or compare performance of your adverts or high cost keywords… Wouldn’t it be convenient to view key metrics from Analytics in your Adwords screen? Data such as pages-per-visit, visit duration and bounce rate?

Now it’s possible to view engagement data from Analytics in Adwords so that you don’t have to flick between the two interfaces.

However, Google hasn’t yet made it obvious how to do this yet.

Here’s how!

Note: You still have to have administration level access for both accounts, and you need to have data sharing switched on in Google Analytics.

Log into Adwords

1. In the My Account tab, select ‘Linked Accounts’

Adding Analytics Data to Adwords - View Linked Accounts

If your Analytics and Adwords are linked as they should be, you should see an option for more details.

2. Click on ‘View Details >>’

Adding Analytics Data to Adwords - Click on View Details

That will expand to show the Analytics profiles available.

3. You now need to select the profile that applies.

4. Click Save.

Now go back to Campaigns data.

5. Click on Customise Columns

Adding Analytics Data to Adwords - Customise Columns in Adwords

You’ll now see additional options for Google Analytics data there!

Adding Analytics Data to Adwords - Choose an Analytics  profile

At last we get to see integrated reporting!

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