A Perfect Example of Why You Should Micro Manage Your Adwords PPC Campaigns

by on August 2, 2012

Both Google Analytics and Google Adwords allow you to see the

  • Words that people typed in – “Matched Search Query”
  • Words and phrase you bid on – “Keywords”

If you’re using either broad or phrase matched keywords in your campaigns, you can see which words are triggering your adverts and then either

  • Create new advert groups to capture that traffic
  • Negatively match so your adverts are not shown

Recently I went looking for some ‘third party cycling insurance’ to make sure that I was covered if i hit someones car on my bycycle.

Below is a screenshot from the Google search engine results.

Google Adwords Example

The highlighted results is perfect example of a campaign that doesn’t appear to be looking at the Matched Search Queries

My phrase has triggered an insurance related keyword which displays an advert mentioning bikes which catches my eye

Whats more it appears that I can win a bike worth £10,000 so it catches my eye and I click on it.

Only when I get to the site do I realise that it sells motobike insurance and therefore pointless to me

What steps could they take

  1. When the campaign is being setup, any cycling terms such as ‘cyclist’ should have been negatively matched to ensure the advert isn’t shown
  2. Check the Google Analytics Advertising > Matched Search Query Report on a regular basis to see what phrase and broad match terms are generating the traffic
  3. In Google Analytics look the Advertising > Keyword report to see which keywords have a high bounce rate. This would indicate that something is not right with either the keyword, advert or landing page

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