Considering Developing for Mobile? Listen To These Two Podcasts

by on May 13, 2011

If you’ve already got a mobile app or site or considering one, the following two podcasts are well worth listening to.

They’re from a series by User Interface Engineering who over the last couple of years have produced some very useful blog posts.

I’ve lifted the descriptions straignt from the site, as they sum up what the podcasts offer

Josh Clark – Designing Tapworthy Mobile Apps
“Thinking mobile” goes beyond scaling down an existing app to fit a smaller screen or making decisions about what content to include. The ability of an app to delight its users is largely dependent on the context in which it is being used. Because the app can be used anywhere by nature and the interface is manipulated with thumbs and fingers, there are much more than just aesthetics to consider.

Luke Wroblewski – Designing Mobile Web Experiences
The surge in mobile technology is incredible. Manufacturers ship over a million touchscreen phones every day. These devices allow people to interact with the web in new ways. Users generally need something the can easily operate with “one thumb, one eyeball”. When they access your application or website, what kind of experience are you delivering? Are you risking frustrating your users?

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