How To Comment On A PDF / Adobe Acrobat Document

by on February 4, 2011

The latest release of Adobe Acrobat and Foxit Reader now allow you to highlight text and add your own comments to a PDF document.

This now allows you to comment and add questions to other peoples documents without altering the actual source or deal with weird and wonderful technologies such as Microsoft Word Track changes.

If you haven’t already installed Foxit Reader, we recommend trying it as it loads a lot faster than Adobe Acrobat and without the complicated installation routine. Just watch out the little extras it tries to install such as it’s own toolbar.

Highlighting or Commenting in Acrobat X

The top tool bar now contains a two new icons

Adobe Acrobat X Comment and Highlighting Tool

1) Comment
Click on this button and then click on location in the document  to add a comment. Ideal for when you want to make a general point or comment on something that isn’t text

Adobe Acrobat X Commenting Tool

2) Highlight
Click on this button and highlight any area of text in the document. You can then click on the highlighted text to leave a comment

Adobe Acrobat X Highlighting Tool

Highlighting or Commenting in Foxit Reader

The toolbar contains two icons

Foxit Reader Commeting and Highlighting Tool

They both work in the same way Acrobat does (see details above)

1) Comment

Foxit Reader Commenting Tool
2) Highlight

Foxit Reader Highlight Tool

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