Removing SEMalt Visitors & Traffic from Google Analytics

by on April 7, 2014

Over the last couple of months you may have noticed a referring site called SEMalt appearing in your Acquisition > Referral site reports in Google Analytics.

It appears as both and

SEMalt Google Analytics

These are not real visitors but an attempt by the SEMalt company to get your attention by cleverly crawling your site and triggering Google analytics.

If you have a small site you may find that is it on one of your top referrers. As the bot has a 100% bounce rate, it can affect your overall stats.

Clearly we don’t want to see this in our analytics so we can excude these visitors by setting up a Google Analytics filter.

You’ll need to have admin access to the account to set this up.

  1. Go to the Admin section
  2. Select the Appropriate view and select Filters
  3. Press the New Filter button
  4. Type Exclude SEmalt in the filter name box
  5. Select custom filter
  6. Choose exclude
  7. In the filter field choose campaign source
  8. In the filter pattern enter \.semalt\.
  9. Press Save

In this case using a regular expression to capture both semalt and crawler.semalt so we had to escape the periods at the beginning of the email and then end we backslashes

Any traffic from this point forward from SEMalt will not be recorded.

You can use a Google Analytics Advanced segment to exclude any historical traffic

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