Google Analytics Not Provided – An Alternative Solution

by on March 22, 2013

If you’re a user of Google Analytics, you’ll have come across the dreaded (not provided) in Google Analytics Organic traffic report.

This indicates that users were either logged into a Google Account when they did a search or were using a later version of a browser such as Firefox.

For ‘privacy’ reasons, Google chooses not to show you the phrase the person used when searching.

While there is no way of recovering the phrase the person used, we can use filters in Google Analytics to record where the person landed and from deduce the type of keyword they used based on the keyword data we already have.

What you’ll end up with a line in Google Analytics that looks like this

In this case we can see

  • 1 visit came into the home page
  • 1 visit came into the film posters page

Looking at  keyword data in Google Anlytics we can see that virtually all the search traffic coming into the posters and film page is not brand related, so we can include this traffic as non brand

For example, searches containing your brand name are more likely to land on the home page that deeper on your site, whereas people landing on your product pages are more likely to have entered more generic phrase that described the products they were looking for.

To create the filter, you need Administrator rights on your Google Analytics account

1) Login into Google Analytics

2) Select the Admin button top right

3) Select  the Account want to create the filter for

4) Select the Filters Tab

5) Press New Filter

6) Give the filter a new name

7) Select the Custom Filter Option

8. Select Advanced

9. In Field A -> Extract A, select Campaign Term and enter (.not provided.)

10. In Field B -> Extract B select Request URI and enter (.*)

11. In Output To -> Constructor enter NP – $B1

12. Select Yes for Field A Required

13. Select Yes for Field B Required

14. Select Yes for Override Output Field

15. Press Save

The filter will now take

1. Check to see if the keyword is recorded as not provided

2. Extract the page they landed on

3. Add NP and the page into the keyword field


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