Three Email Newsletter Hints and Tips

by on October 19, 2011

Today, I’ve got a couple of tips for those of you who send out email newsletters

Subject Line Checker
Handy site where you can enter your subject line and see how it renders in 6 of the most popular email clients and webmail applications 

Visualisation of Yahoo Mail
This shows ‘real time’ traffic going through Yahoo. Select the ‘Trending Keywords’ tab on the left hand side and you get most popular keywords being used in email.

Select the Show Spam Keywords and you can see what words are appearing as spam.

What’s interesting is that word ‘Free’ frequently appears in both lists, so perhaps it’s not quite as bad as well all thought.

Yahoo Mail Visualisation

Click to view a larger image

List-Unsubcribe Header
Hotmail, like all other webmail services are tighting up their systems to protect their users from spam.

One way is to use the List-Unsubscibe header in the email, which Hotmail will take a look at if someone presses the safe unsuscribe button.

If the header isn’t present, Hotmail are planning to consign that email to the spam folders.

Most ESP’s support this now, but it’s worth checking with them.

Two sites cover this in greater detail

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