Why Waitrose Still Doesn’t Get Social Media

by on October 30, 2011

A couple of months ago, we compared how Waitrose and Tescos allowed their website visitors to share recipies on their sites via Facebook and Twitter.

Tesco’s came out the clear winner, with Waitrose making very little effort to get people to share.

A couple of months later, things don’t seemed to have improved.

Waitrose produces a monthly food and wine magazine which contains around 50 recipies per month. However not all of these make it onto their website.

Having recently cooked their spiced pumpkin cheescake, a friend asked me for the recipe. Easy I thought, it’s bound to be on the website.

Having searched the website for ten minutes, I didn’t find the recipe, but did discover

  • While the magazine cover for November had been uploaded, the page it was linked to didn’t exist
  • The recipe of the month section only goes up to August 2011 (and its almost November)
I even tried a Google Advanced search for spiced pumpkin cheescake and thinking it might have been hidden deep on the site, but no luck

So why is this important?
If the recipe had been on their website, I could have liked / recommended / shared it onto my Facebook page.

Waitrose would have then got

  • Positive exposure for their brand
  • More traffic to their website
  • The opportunity to try and convert them to either
    • Purchase online
    • Go and visit a Waitrose store

It’s even more important with seasonal products such as pumpkins where people will be wanting to do something around Halloween.

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