New EU Consumer Rights Law and Ecommerce

by on October 13, 2011

On the 10th October 2011, the EU adopted new rules on consumer rights and are expecting all member states to adopt them within 2 years.

If you’re running an ecommerce websites the following could very well affect you

Total Costs Need to be Displayed on the site
Websites will now need to display the full costs of a product or service on on a website. For example low cost airlines who currently charge a low cost for the ticket and then charge a mandatory check in fee or credit card fee would need to show the full price upfront

Banning pre-ticked boxes on websites
The automatic adding of items such as insurance for travel will be banned and users will need to opt in. This would also include pre opted in boxes to recieve special offers

Eliminating surcharges for the use of credit cards and hotlines
To quote from the EU site, “Traders will not be able to charge consumers more for paying by credit card (or other means of payment) than what it actually costs the trader to offer such means of payment. Traders who operate telephone hotlines allowing the consumer to contact them in relation to the contract will not be able charge more than the basic telephone rate for the telephone calls”

The EU has a full roundup on their site - New EU rules on consumer rights to enter into force

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