Mary Portas Mistake In Missing Out Multi Channel

by on December 13, 2011

Mary Portas, the “Queen of Shops’ published her long awaited report onto the future of the high street.

Considering that 2011 has been the year when many of the major retailers have got their act together and properly implemented multichannel, disappointingly there is no mention of the multichannel or the web in the main report.

The only mention the web gets on page 45 (at the end of report) telling retailers that they can’t compete with the web on just pricing.  ‘The Portas Review’ is available as PDF .

Retailers such as Halfords and Argos who still have high street presences, have very successfully used ‘click and collect’ to drive people back into the store and increase the order value. Halfords found that people who ordered the bikes online would often purchase accessories in store

So What Can High Street Retailers Do?
One thing any high street retailer can do today is to start collecting their clients email and mobile numbers.

It can be as simple as dropping a postcard into their bag when they purchase and suggesting they sign up. Offering a discount or entry into a prize draw works wonders.

Slowly but surely, you can build up your list and remind people that you’re still there.

We’re currently developing a system to help smaller retailers with this. Please email Charles Meaden if you’d like to know more

Thank You
To Dan Baker for spotting this first. Highly recommend following him on Twitter 

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